About Elektravon-Haket

One total supplier!

International horticulture is an increasingly professional industry and is continuously growing in scale, and today’s customers are therefore looking for turnkey suppliers. Combining their forces, Elektravon and Haket have been offering their services as total horticultural project partners for years.

Amongst other services, our complete package includes electrical engineering, irrigation technology, growlights, screen installations, as well as public address, security, data and telephone systems. As an authorised Hoogendoorn Automation dealer, Elektravon-Haket can also offer iSii climate computers, Growlab plant sensors and Nomad path registration systems.

No matter whether a complete project, an extension, a modification or a totally new build is involved – in their role as horticultural project partners, Elektravon-Haket can fulfil growers’ every project need, both in the Netherlands and abroad.