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International horticulture is an increasingly professional industry and is continuously growing in scale, and today’s customers are therefore looking for turnkey suppliers. Combining their forces, Elektravon and Haket have been offering their services as total horticultural project partners for years. 

Amongst other services, our complete package includes electrical engineering, irrigation technology, growlights, screen installations, as well as public address, security, data and telephone systems.



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De Lier, The Netherlands

In 2012, Elektravon Haket installed the electrical and water-technical installation for the new gerbera nursery Futura of Holstein Flowers.



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W.U.R. Energy/Producing Greenhouse

Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

Three demo greenhouses were built for WUR Glastuinbouw at Bleiswijk in 2008 and 2009, which were the winners in the "Energy-Producing Greenhouse" competition in 2007. The three winning ideas were WUR's SunenergieKas, Thermo Tech's ZonWindKas and Maurice Kassenbouw's FlowDeckKas. Elektravon-Haket provided the complete irrigation and electro-technological installation, including a Hoogendoorn iSii process computer, for all three demo projects. 

Surface: 3x 500 m2


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Bell pepper grower 'Het Grootslag'

Andijk, The Netherlands

In 2009 the new bell pepper nursery 'Het Grootslag' by Arjan Koorneef, Per van Reeuwijk and Twan v d Bos in Andijk was completed. Elektravon-Haket supplied and installed the entire water-technical installation comprising: Water storage, Reverse osmosis 720m3 / day, 2 mixing trays 120m3, pre-filter installation, clean water pump set, liquid fertilizer installation with automatic filling of fertilizer trays and drip installation.

Surface: 104.832

Cultivation: Bell pepper

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Bart Vergeylen

Ertvelde, The Netherlands

Installation of the entire electrical and water technical installation including an ISII climate computer. Some things for the cultivation of strawberries in the 4,300m² plastic greenhouse and 7,500m² glass. Also the complete layout of the technical and operating space.

Surface: 4.300

Cultivation: Strawberries

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Kyparissia, Greece

In 2009, the brand-new Anaptixi nursery was established in Kyparissia, Greece. Elektravon-Haket supplied and installed a Hoogendoorn climate computer and the complete irrigation technology equipment for this project.

Surface: 42.500

Cultivation: Bell peppers, cucumbur en tomato

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Nunhems Zaden

's-Gravenzande, The Netherlands

In 2007, Nunhems at 's-Gravenzande demolished some 7.700m² of old builds to replace them with new constructions. In addition, their complete water units were also replaced.

Surface: 7.700m²

Cultivation: Seed selection