Irrigation Technology in the horticulture

Water storage

Rainwater storage of 550-20,000 m3 or even higher - if you have the space available, we can create a storage basin with sufficient storage capacity. Fitting this basin with a first-flush device, an evacuation system for all standpipes and an anti-algae facility, we construct a water storage basin that is future-proof. If you haven't got the room, we can suggest alternatives, for instance tanks or even underground water storage solutions. In addition, Haket supplies water tanks for conditioned daily stores, and for both treated and untreated drainwater, and using a dedicated pH control, we can keep your supply water's pH value at just the right level. 

Pumping Unit

The pumping unit is the heart of the irrigation installation, and Elektravon-Haket designs and builds units in accordance with specific customer requirements. EC pre-control, frequency-controlled system pumps, automatically flushed filters - just a small selection of the wide range of options we can offer. Elektravon-Haket exactly tailors installations to the required water supply.

All units are constructed on RVS frames, complete with a covered plastic wall board for all required control panels. All components are installed in a clear and service-friendly manner, and for the largest part are assembled and wired on site. 

Flowable Fertilizer Storage

Flowable fertilizers are kept in storage tanks placed inside a catch basin, so that any flowable fertilizers accidentally escaping are contained inside the catch basin. The catch basin consists of two compartments, so that acids and bases are kept separate. 

Automatic Artificial Fertilizer Filling

Installation of fully-automatic A-B fertilizer tank filling - it is possible to fill several A-B tanks. The unit is fitted with a user-friendly display screen operation and a very extensive registration facility with regard to fertilizer use. 

Water Treatment

LPUV Disinfection
The Novira is a LPUV (Low Pressure Ultra-Violet) disinfection unit, specifically developed to disinfect horticultural drainwater. As a thin film of water is used, the technology applied here is exceptionally suitable to process drainwater with a low transmission. Due to the flexible installation of the reactors, rain and irrigation water disinfection doesn’t present any problems either. The Novira is specially fitted with so-called low-pressure lamps, specifically designed to emit light at a spectrum of 254 nm.

UV Disinfection Method
Every organism has a DNA platelet, which is damaged and even cut up when exposed to UV light, i.e. a light spectrum of 254 nm. Their life expectancy is therefore rendered zero, and they cannot reproduce. We state the disinfection unit capacity in mJ/cm2 (millijoules per cm2), deducing this from the UVC emission (lamp emission x time the water remains in the reactor). Usually, 150 mJ is sufficient to kill off bacteria and mould, but for drainwater, which can also contain viruses, a capacity of 250 mJ is used.

The Novira is controlled via a sophisticated and reliable processor with optional user-friendly screen operation and process display. It is a reliable disinfection unit, suitable for both flower and vegetable crops, and is used all over the world today. 

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a method used to produce clean water. The reverse osmosis process is based on a pressure difference on the two sides of a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane is able to separate out any substances present in the water, such as salts, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and moulds. Reverse osmosis is an environmentally friendly process, as no chemical agents are used. 

Iron Removal Unit

We install units to remove iron from well water, with capacities between 3,000 and 60,000 litres/hour.

Dripper Installations

An even level of water supplied is a must in horticulture. Elektravon-Haket calculates and designs installations in such a way that the first plant receives just as much water as the last one. We can advise you on the best choice of dripper for your requirements, with manual or fully automatic dripper pipe flushing also amongst the options available. 

Ebb- and Flow Systems

Elektravon-Haket supplies and installs complete ebb- and flow systems for all types of crop floors, tables and roll containers. All rough sediment is removed from return water using curved sieve units. 

High Pressure Humidification

To achieve a certain RH or temperature, it is not enough to simply turn as much water into fog as possible, but the quality and resultant effectiveness is what really counts. As you can see from our literature, you can only call this "mist" if water is turned into fog under high (mechanical) pressure. High 105 bar pressure and a special nozzle construction ensure optimum atomisation, which produces an extremely fine mist that doesn't condense on plants, but evaporates before it touches them. Using droplets some 5-10 microns in size, this results in an increased RH and a high cooling effect. 

Sprinkling and Low-Pressure Humidification

Sprinkling and humidification units fitted with just the right nozzle to produce an even spray, totally in accordance with and calculated to your requirements. 

Roof sprinklers

Supply and installation of roof sprinkler installations mounted in such a way that there is as little loss of light as possible, and maximum coverage, not just resulting in a lower greenhouse temperature, but also in increased humidity inside the greenhouse.

Outside Sprinklers

Elektravon-Haket can design outside sprinkler installations to spray plants, but also as protection against night frosts. 

Drain Measurement

Complete installations to capture drainwater and register EC, pH and flow. 

Tank Inspection

It does happen every now and then - burst or cracked tanks. This can result in enormous destruction and high financial damages, and therefore regular inspections of your tanks are no unnecessary luxury. The Interpolis insurance company therefore recommends that you have any tank more than seven years old checked every two years or so. If no such checks are undertaken, any consequential damages will not be entirely covered. Elektravon-Haket b.v. is insurance-certified to undertake tank inspections, and will provide you with an inspection report on all tanks examined by us.